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Welcome to the 33rd issue of FLYMAG, we’re back post COVID, and we plan to be back stronger than ever!

#03 of 2019

The third issue of ’19 brings you around the world, from Europe, the United States, to countries such as El Salvador, Bahrain and Taiwan.

#02 of 2019

The second issue of 2019 features the story of the Prowler retirement, ‘The Swedish Fighter Pilot’, and many other stories.

#01 of 2019

We’re looking back at some events from 2018, in the first issue of 2019, such as the Swedish Air Force Christmas Tree flying and Hawgsmoke 2018

#04 of 2018

In this last issue of 2018, we’re among other looking at the newest piece of hardware for the RDAF, reports from as far as the arctic and Lebanon.

#03 of 2018

This issue features among other, reports from the worlds largest maritime exercise with more than 200 aviation assets – RIMPAC.

#02 of 2018

In the second issue we look at the RDAF deployment, that were patrolling the sky above the Baltics, as well as multiple exercises.

#01 of 2018

We kick off 2018 with a feature about how many NATO nations train their future pilots through the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program.

#04 of 2017

The last issue of 2017 features a look at ‘The last Prowlers at WTI’, as well as the unique way that Norway, Sweden and Finland train together on a regular basis.

#03 of 2017

This issue features an in-depth piece about the USAF 18th Aggressor Squadron, and a feature about the last remaining Tornado squadron of the Italian Air Force.