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#04 of 2017

The last issue of 2017 features a look at ‘The last Prowlers at WTI’, as well as the unique way that Norway, Sweden and Finland train together on a regular basis.

#03 of 2017

This issue features an in-depth piece about the USAF 18th Aggressor Squadron, and a feature about the last remaining Tornado squadron of the Italian Air Force.

#02 of 2017

The second issue of FLYMAG in 2017 features among other reports from three exercises, INIOHOS, Cope Tiger, and the big US exercise – Northern Edge 2017.

#01 of 2017

The first issue of FLYMAG in 2017 features The last Sioux – The Ramex Spirit, Peak Performers, Winter Hide, USCG San Diego amongst others.

#04 of 2016

The last issue of FLYMAG in 2016 contains articles from Turkish Army Aviation Command, Super Base Ørland, Luftstridsskolan in Malmen and more!

#03 of 2016

We look into the Polish exercise Anakonda ’16, as well as we take a closer look at the F-16 of the Royal Danish Air Force in this 3rd issue of FLYMAG in 2016.

#02 of 2016

This issue of FLYMAG features articles about the Turkish Training revolution, and further reports from Turkey, Thracian Thunder, and the first Dutch F-35’s.