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ISSUE #01 of 2017
The first issue of FLYMAG in 2017 features
The last Sioux - The Ramex Spirit, Peak Performers,
Winter Hide, USCG San Diego amongst others.
ISSUE #04 of 2016
The last issue of FLYMAG in 2016 contains
articles from Turkish Army Aviation Command,
Super Base Ørland, Luftstridsskolan in Malmen and more!
ISSUE #03 of 2016
We look into the Polish exercise Anakonda ’16, as well as we take a closer look at the F-16 of the Royal Danish Air Force in this 3rd issue of FLYMAG in 2016.


Articles highlighted by FLYMAG, is articles published earlier in the FLYMAG Magazine,
which also deserves to be put up on the website.

Northern Edge 2015

The big American exercise, Northern Edge, has its military roots dating back to 1975. FLYMAG was in Alaska, when the 2015 edition was held in June.


To preserve the integrity of the airspace has always been an important goal within the NATO alliance. Read more about how it works over the Baltics.


Selected articles from the FLYMAG magazine is published on the website.

Red Flag Alaska – 13-3

It is not only Nevada’s desert that offers Red Flag, Red Flag exercises is also held up in the cold north Alaska.

Escadron de Chasse 02.005

The squadron is a front-line, training and conversion unit for all Mirage 2000 pilots in France Air Force.

WTI – Training the trainer

The large Weapons and Tactics Instructor course is held twice a year at MCAS Yuma, in Arizona.


CSAR – Combat Search And Rescue

Combat Search And Rescue missions are among the most dangerous missions.

Red Flag – Nellis 2012

A realistic war simulator is the closest you can call the Red Flag exercises. The red against the blue, the evil against the good.

722 Squadron: SAR, and much more

RDAF 722 Squadron has the SAR duty in Denmark. But it’s far from the only task that 722 Squadron are doing.