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ISSUE #04 of 2017
The last issue of 2017 features a look at 'The last Prowlers at WTI', as well as the unique way that Norway, Sweden and Finland train together on a regular basis.
ISSUE #03 of 2017
This issue features an in-depth piece about the USAF 18th Aggressor Squadron, and a feature about the last remaining Tornado squadron of the Italian Air Force.
ISSUE #02 of 2017
The second issue of FLYMAG in 2017 features among
other reports from three exercises, INIOHOS, Cope Tiger,
and the big US exercise - Northern Edge 2017.


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Super Base – Ørland

Located on the west coast of Norway, Ørland Hovedflystasjon, Ørland Air Base, is one of two Norwegian F-16 bases, the other being Bodø further north on the coast.

Northern Edge 2017

The big American exercise, Northern Edge, has its military roots dating back to 1975. FLYMAG was in Alaska, when the 2017 edition was held in May.


Selected articles from the FLYMAG magazine is published on the website.

RDAF – Fighting Falcons

Take a look at the sole jet fighter in the Royal Danish Air Force through the past 30 years.

Escadron de Chasse 02.005

The squadron is a front-line, training and conversion unit for all Mirage 2000 pilots in France Air Force.

WTI – Training the trainer

The large Weapons and Tactics Instructor course is held twice a year at MCAS Yuma, in Arizona.


CSAR – Combat Search And Rescue

Combat Search And Rescue missions are among the most dangerous missions.

Swedish Air Force – Flying School

The Swedish Air Force flying training school, located at Malmen Air Base, is pretty much incomparable with other armed forces flying training schools.

721 Squadron – Hercules Flight

When the Danish Armed Forces need to move large amounts of goods or personnel, the task is given to 721 Squadron’s Hercules Flight.